Increasing Your Broadband Speed

Increasing Your Broadband Speed: People frequently think slow internet speed must be down to their broadband provider. However computer settings, wi-fi hardware or an old PC can all have an effect. Here are our tips to help you get up to speed.

Check Your Speed

Before you follow any kind of those tips, test your internet speed. This may tell you what is your internet speed really is.

Increasing Your Broadband Speed increasing your broadband speed Increasing Your Broadband Speed Increasing Your Broadband Speed 300x188

1. Assured your wi-fi

If Increasing Your Broadband Speed your wireless is not password protected all can use it. Which means that people might be log onto your network without you understanding, inflicting speeds to drop as a result.

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Secure your wifi

To do that:

  • Open up your router settings to Increasing Your Broadband Speed through getting into its ip address into your internet browser. It truly is a variety of with the intention to normally be imprinted on the router itself somewhere, and look like this:


  •  Increasing Your Broadband Speed  you have to log in – the admin password and username may even frequently be printed on the router, but if it isn’t, test with your company for further instructions. From your settings you may set up a password and secure your wireless to Increasing Your Broadband Speed.

Thankfully, most providers now routinely supply you with a password-protected router, however if you do not have one set up, or have turned the password off, comfy your network straight away.

2. Place Your Router

Plenty of things can effect the electricity of a wifi broadband signal – walls, doors, even interference from things like toddler monitors. So in case Increasing Your Broadband Speed you’re laid low with slow or unreliable wi-fi, try placing your router. Ideally, it need to be positioned high up – on top of a bookshelf, for example.

In case you want to maximize coverage throughout the complete house, strive sticking it someplace imperative, perhaps on the top of the steps. Something you do to Increasing Your Broadband Speed don’t stick your router in a cabinet – you’d be surprised how commonplace a mistake this is!

3. Clean up your PC

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There are huge of packages for your computer that would be the use of the net, probable a few with out you even knowing it.

Windows updates, safety scans and updates, media player pop-ups, on the spot chat programs, skype, open website tabs and more – all these items can consume away   at your broadband velocity.

To increase your Broadband speed, close down services you do not want, as well as any bandwidth-heavy streaming offerings like bbc iplayer and spotify whilst you’re no longer using them. To do this:

  1. On computer, press alt + ctrl + del to carry up undertaking supervisor to look all applications running and near the ones you do not need.
  2. Open Activity log to see a listing of everything jogging. Near down those that aren’t vital.

You should also delete old files, and clear your browser history for Increasing Your Broadband Speed – you can do this from your web browser options menu. Moreover you can also use advanced ip scanner for increasing broadband speed.

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